Synchronization Device for Pro Tools
  • Eliminate distortion
  • Clock to a variety of sources
  • Set a positional reference
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SYNC HD provides a wide variety of connections to sync your gear. Get all of the usual suspects to connect to Linear Timecode, Word Clock, NTSC/PAL sources, black burst generators, digital audio signals, and MachineControl-enabled systems, as well as Bi-Phase, Tach, and Pilot devices.

Easily select SYNC HD’s clock reference with just the press of a button. The interface supports all major industry-standard clock sources, including Word Clock, HD and SD Video Reference, AES/EBU, Composite Video In, LTC, and more.

Select the timecode frame rate and format (drop-frame or non-drop-frame) with a simple button press. You can scope your current rate by the lit green LED indicator next to 30, 29.97, 25, and 24 fps—or a flashing 24 fps LED indicator when using 23.976 fps. And the “DF” LED will light to indicate drop-frame formats.

View incoming timecode, as well as various function settings, on the multifunction LED display. See timecode displayed in hours : minutes : seconds : frames. Or use the controls below the display to configure timecode generator settings, PAL/NTSC selection, sample rate, and more while viewing those modes, parameters, and settings on the LED.

  • Eliminate distortion
  • Clock to a variety of sources
  • Set a positional reference
  • Get locked in


Brand Avid
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 6.000000
Computer Connectivity USB
Bus Powered No
DI Input No
Onboard DSP/FX No
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